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Aug 19, 2019,  Admin
Most people think of receiving legal assistance for years, but never do. Why? Because they feel intimidated, and unsure of what a legal proceeding would entail. The best law firms have one thing in common: they understand that their clients have never been in a legal dispute before, and that the clients might feel intimidated when hiring a professional for the first time.
If you ...
Aug 19, 2019,  Admin
Canada has a birthright citizenship policy which classifies everyone born on Canadian soil as a Canadian citizen except in some cases. Recently, there has been much discussion about amending this policy. President Trump of the United States, recently announced that an executive order would be issued to remove automatic citizenship for children born on US soil.
In Canada, members ...
Aug 09, 2019,  Admin
On May 22, 2018 the Federal Government introduced Bill C-78.
It’s most important provision is removing the term “Custody” and “Access” from a court order replacing them with “Parenting Orders” in which parenting time and decision making is allocated between the parents.
Aug 09, 2019,  Admin
Divorce can be challenging, stressful and painful. It is at once a personal battle, as well as a legal one, for married spouses to face. For a self-represented party, it is especially cumbersome to navigate the court system, to understand the applicable legislation (i.e. the Divorce Act) and to comply with the rules of procedure. The time-consuming, expensive, and conflict-driven family law system adds an extra ...
Jul 31, 2019,  Admin
Family law matters can be complicated, emotional and traumatic.  If you are contemplating separation or divorce, you should consult with a Handa Law about the different options that may be available to you, and the process for each option. Whether you are looking for mediation, arbitration or litigation, your consultation with a family lawyer will go better if you come prepared.
Jul 31, 2019,  Admin
There is a lot of misinformation out there about spousal support, or alimony, as we have come to know it due to the influence of American TV. Spousal support is an amount of money paid by one spouse to support the other spouse after the separation. However, it is not payable in every relationship. This is a common misconception, but just because you were married or in a common-law relationship does not mean you ...
May 20, 2019,  Admin
An Ontario Court of Justice case, Coates v Watson, has broadened the child support eligibility for adult children with disabilities of unmarried parents.
Previously, under Ontario’s Family Law Act governing unmarried parents, adult children were eligible for child support only if they are in full-time school. However, under the Divorce Act, an adult child who is unable to live in...
May 15, 2019,  Admin
One of the most important steps in any separation or divorce is the disclosure process. Before the parties can determine how to divide matrimonial debts and assets, both sides need a complete understanding of what those debts and assets are.  This process includes a requirement that both parties provide sworn financial statements that outline all of the property each of them owns. However, in some Brampton ...